Composting worms

To ensure your vermicomposting journey is a successful one, worms are available to purchase as a package with our range of Worm Farms. We do not supply worms as an individual product at this time.

Worm quantities

We specialise in quantities of worms in sizes of 1kg (4,000) and over. Worms will process between 25-100% of their body weight in organic matter a day (50% on average), so how much organic waste you can process through your worm farm is directly related to how many hard-working worms you have in there.

How many worms do you need to start a worm farm?

Worms will reproduce and self-regulate numbers to suit the size of their environment. Given the right conditions numbers should double once every 3 months. 

We suggest that a good place to start is approximately a quarter of the worms your worm farm is capable of holding at full capacity. Specific recommendations for each size of our worm farms can be found on their pages (see below). We find this works well as it gives you time to learn the ropes of worm farming and allows the worms to breed up in their new environment. If you want to kick start your worm farm you can certainly add more worms than our starting recommendation, but we’d suggest adding in staged top-ups to help minimise stress on your worms while they are settling in. 

Worm delivery

Don’t worry, worm mail is nothing like snail mail, but delivery timeframes do range depending on your location. Weather (particularly hot temperatures) can affect harvesting ability and delivery times. Because we want your wrigglers to arrive happy and healthy, we’ll only harvest and deliver if the conditions are suitable. Once we have your order we’ll send you a confirmation with the expected arrival time for your worms, if this does not meet your expectations we will happily arrange a full refund.

Can my worms be sent with my habitat?

To ensure they arrive safely and happily, we transport your worm farm separately from its tenants. We also like to ensure you’ve set up your habitat (per your helpful manual) so it’s all ready for the arrival of your worms. 

What type of worms do you sell? 

All specifically designed to thrive in a worm farm environment, we use a mix of compost worms, including Reds, Tigers, Blues, Gardener’s Friend, and European Night Crawlers. We use such a variety in our compost worms mix because some species do better in warmer or colder weather than others. By combining these species, your worm farm will remain active, and work more consistently throughout the different seasons. Strength in nature comes from diversity, so the more diverse your worm species, the stronger your worm farm will be. 

Worms are supplied as an addon to our commercial and domestic worm habitats