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Award winning Australian manufacturer and supplier of worm farm and composting technologies, supplier of worms, worm cast extract for use by the agricultural sector, farmers and gardeners.

Welcome to Worms Downunder

Worms Downunder is a family operated company situated in Chandler, Brisbane in Queensland. Established in 2005, Worms Downunder manufactures worm farm and composting systems and also supplies compost worms and vermiculture products. We distribute our products and services Australia-wide (with the exception of compost worm sales to WA and NT.

Friendly, expert advice

Worms Downunder can help you manage your organic waste streams on any scale – be it setting up a simple home worm farm such as the Worm Habitat Junior or installing one of our large-scale commercial composting systems. At Worms Downunder, we are passionate about worm farming, ecology and building a sustainable future for the next generation. For expert, friendly advice on our range of systems please contact us.

How we can help you?

Worms Downunder can advise you on the best system for your requirements and offer extensive information and ongoing support. We can help you:

  • process your organic waste in a sustainable way using Worm Habitats
  • introduce worms to your garden
  • make your own organic castings, compost and soil conditioner
  • improve soil structure, provide plant nutrients and inoculate microbial life into your soil with our vermiculture products

Worms Downunder can freight worms, worm cast extract and Worm Habitats Australia-wide. E-mail us for a quote.

Worm Habitats

Worms Downunder provide the Award-winning Australian-made Worm Habitats in a range of colours and sizes. These systems beat all other worm farms hands down with their large capacity, deep bed, moisture storage capacity, ease of use, moveability, and sturdy construction.

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Worm Habitat range
Worm Habitat Grande 1
Worm Habitat Grande 2
Worm Habitat Grande 8

Large Scale Worm Habitat Grande and Double Grande

The Worm Habitat Grande is the largest worm farm commercially available. Designed, developed and made in Australia, it is a great advance for dealing with waste from cafes, schools, restaurants, mine sites, prisons, Universities, and wherever there is waste to process.

The Worm Habitat Grande is easy to use with assisted-lift lid, huge liquid collection tank, easy harvest castings, excellent aeration, deep bedding area and heavy duty construction.


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Dee from Gympie said, “I used my friends Worm Habitat when I looked after their home for them. Now I cannot live without one. I was really excited to see they came in a whole range of colours and fell in love with purple! I am now setting up my veggie garden so the juice and castings will be great.

The service and commitment from Worms DownUnder is outstanding and I love that their products are Australian made and owned. Thanks Worms DownUnder”


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