Worms Downunder is an Australian family-run vermicomposting business.

We specialise in the design & manufacture of worm farms and
our unique, organic worm cast brew.

We distribute our Worm Cast Extract to many of Australia’s biggest farmers and growers, helping them regenerate their soil through the power of nature.

Our unique and organic product is the ultimate biological partner for any grower, supporting soil regeneration and a healthy soil food web.

Our Grande range of worm farms are the largest and most effective designs in Australia.

We’re here to provide advice and products to help your business, school or community contribute towards soil regeneration and sustainability while enjoying a circular economy approach to waste management.

No backyard is complete without one of our Worm Farm vermicomposting systems.

A simple (and fun!) way to reduce your environmental footprint and give you that ‘feel good feeling’ you get when you work with nature and contribute towards a more sustainable future.

Worm Cast Extract works with nature to build a healthy underground ecosystem full of millions of beneficial microbes.

It’s time to harness the power of nature and bring life back into our soils. Give your land the love it deserves with this amazing elixir – the results will speak for themselves. 


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