240L Worm Habitat

The “240L Worm Habitat” has a huge 240ltr capacity and works on a ‘never-fill’ principle. It is designed to deal with larger quantities of waste, so families or small business who produce above average amounts of fruit/veggie/paper waste should consider this one.

The WH1 comes complete with a perforated raised floor, drainage tap for dispensing nutrient rich worm lechate, access hatch for easy casting harvest and eight vents for good ventilation. Also included is a comprehensive instruction manual and bedding block to get the worms started. You can add worms, food cover, dolomite to your order to get your Worm Habitat going.

Buy your Worm Habitat Now

Buy 240L Worm Habitat for only $309 (plus freight)

Compost Worms and Accessories from Worms Downunder

This price does not include worms. This price includes the worm habitat, all appropriate bedding to get you started, an instruction manual, additional helpful documentation and ongoing support. If you’d like to purchase a habitat with worms please contact our office so we can discuss what you’re trying to achieve from your habitat and recommend the most appropriate quantity based on your requirements and to suit your budget.

The Worm Habitat systems are able to be stacked for delivery which results in a greatly reduced freight charge per Habitat. If you are interested in multiple units please contact us for a freight quote.

Highly recommended accessories

Add two extra portholes for $45

Compost Worms and Accessories from Worms Downunder

Extra portholes on either side of your Habitat can make your life easier. We don’t mind being up to our armpits in castings, but sensible people may prefer the ease of a porthole on more than one side!

For more accessories see compost worms and accessories page.

Design features

  1. Lids – easy to lift.
  2. Vents – worms require an oxygen rich environment and the vents allow for air movement while keeping pests out.
  3. Portholes – ‘turn and pull’ action porthole allows easy access to the worm castings
  4. Perforated internal base – a suspended base allows liquid to pass through the system, and helps keep the castings oxygenated.
  5. Tap – the simple to use tap has a hose fitting end and is positioned to allow easy drainage of all liquid.
  6. Over-flow system – in the event of not decanting liquid it will overflow out the back of the system so that your worms do not drown.
Worm habitat design


  • Readily available with more distributors coming on-line all the time
  • Australian made
  • Recognised widely as a waste receptacle
  • Large capacity without being bulky
  • Easily relocatable with sturdy wheels
  • Good height for employing a never-fill system providing the worms with depth and the ability to turn compost to castings before harvesting

Colours to choose

Worm Habitats can be ordered now in 6 different colours.

Using Worm Habitat

The Worm Habitat is quick to set-up, taking approximately 1/2 hr, and is very easy to maintain. Firstly, find a shady spot for the Worm Habitat, prepare the bedding and introduce the worms. After a day you can start feeding. To avoid overfeeding, feed the worms only when there is approximately 20% of the previous feed left. Use a food cover to keep the feed layer moist and dark for the worms. Tap off the liquid leachate by opening the tap and decanting into a liquid collection tray. When the worm farm fills up with castings, unscrew the port-hole and dig out the casting with a small spade or hand-trowel. Maintaining a healthy worm farm is straight forward; make sure that the worms have enough moisture and food and that they are not too hot or too cold.

Every now and then throw in a handful of garden lime or dolomite to keep things sweet. Worms Downunder supply Dolomite Plus which you can purchase by clicking here. Don’t forget Worms Downunder offers unlimited free phone/email back-up support for all their products to ensure their customers complete success.

Setting up your worm farm