Worm Habitat Paddock

The Worm Habitat Paddock was developed to aid horse owners with their management of manure. Proper waste management keeps horses healthy, protects the quality of waterways and enhances soil in paddocks. The Worm Habitat Paddock provides horse owners with the means to engage in best practice management and minimise the environmental impact of horse ownership.

The Worm Habitat Paddock uses composting worms to efficiently and effectively turn horse manure into high quality castings (worm compost). Vermicomposting is the best way to greatly decrease the volume of waste and recycle horse manure into a beneficial product turning a potential liability into a marketable resource. The resulting castings can be used back on the pasture or sold.

Grow Worms – Make Money!
The Worm Habitat Paddock allows you to grow bulk worms which can be sold on for profit. Turn your horse waste into potential profit selling worms, worm castings and worm extract.

worm habitat paddock
worm habitat paddock
worm habitat paddock
worm habitat paddock
worm habitat paddock
worm habitat paddock
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Worm Habitat Paddock

Worm habitat paddock

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  • 12 month Warranty
  • 100% Australian made
  • Ideal for disposing of organic waste and creating nutrient rich garden products
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Suitable for all Climates
  • Sturdy timber and aluminium construction
  • Shade tarp to keep bedding shaded and out of downpours while allowing cross ventilation
  • Huge surface area for maximum processing capacity
  • Partitioned systems for access to castings
  • Extensive under and over-bed ventilation
  • On-going phone and e-mail support from Worms Downunder
Worm habitat paddock

Benefits of using the Worm Habitat Paddock

  • Solves waste management problems and increases value of waste
  • Reduces the volume of manure and bedding
  • Reduces flies with breeding conditions eliminated
  • Reduces odours as manure is processed efficiently
  • Worm castings are a valuable soil amendment, adding nutrients, organic material, and texture to the soil
  • Results in a valuable product that can be sold
  • Reduces the risk of manure on water quality including:

    • Reduction and elimination of microbial pathogens;
    • Reduction of ammonia-N levels;
    • Reduction in water-soluble phosphorus;
    • Reduction of water-soluble organic matter (BOD); and
    • Reduction in total soluble salts.

Vermicomposting with the Worm Habitat Paddock

The Worm Habitat Paddock uses composting worms to break down horse manure into high quality compost. You can constantly add fresh material to the Worm Habitat for the worms to process. The segmented bays allow high temperatures to be avoided by the worms as they can move from one area to the next, with fresh manure being added to sectors in rotation.

Composting worms reproduce quickly and are happy in a densely packed environment if fresh food, moisture and oxygen and adequate. Fresh manure can be added daily, weekly or monthly and odours are quickly eliminated. The final product has a higher fertilizer value and smaller particle size than typical composts so is beneficial for many applications. The Worm Habitat Paddock has a lid to ensure worms are not lost to migration while allowing easy access to feed. The lid also reduces access by flies and other pests.

Worms require moisture and the beds can be watered with the lid down, or an upgrade to a built in watering system can be purchased, and the system watered on a timer. Compost worms require a moist environment to survive – 40 percent moisture content is ideal (i.e. when bedding is squeezed a drop of two of water is released).

The raised tarp covering keeps the worm bed out of sunlight, while allowing good ventilation to keep the bedding cool.