Worm Habitat for Dogs

The Worm Habitat for Dogs has been designed with your canine friend in mind! The 4 million domestic dogs we love in Australia produce nearly 150 000 tons of dog pooh per year. That is a lot of poop going to landfill in plastic bags! The system has been designed to process dog pooh in a sustainable, clean, safe, odourless manner. The unit applies the ‘never-fill’ principle and once full the composted matter can be retrieved through the port-hole and used to give ornamental gardens a boost.

The Worm Habitat For Dogs comes complete with a perforated raised floor, drainage tap for dispensing nutrient rich worm juice, port-hole for retrieving composted matter and six vents for good ventilation. Also included are a set of comprehensive instructions, bedding block and of course our comprehensive email and phone support if required. The system can be used for your other four legged friends, including cats, cows, horses, goats, guinea pigs, etc!

wormhabitat for dogs
wormhabitat for dogs
Buy your Worm Habitat for dogs Now

Worm Habitat for Dogs (140ltr) for only $279 (plus freight)

Compost Worms and Accessories from Worms Downunder

Worm Habitat for Dogs (240ltr) for only $309 (plus freight)

Compost Worms and Accessories from Worms Downunder

This price does not include worms. This price includes the worm habitat, all appropriate bedding to get you started, an instruction manual, additional helpful documentation and ongoing support. If you’d like to purchase a habitat with worms please contact our office so we can discuss what you’re trying to achieve from your habitat and recommend the most appropriate quantity based on your requirements and to suit your budget.

The Worm Habitat systems are able to be stacked for delivery which results in a greatly reduced freight charge per Habitat. If you are interested in multiple units please contact us for a freight quote.

Highly recommended accessories

Add two extra portholes for $45

Compost Worms and Accessories from Worms Downunder

Extra portholes on either side of your Habitat can make your life easier. We don’t mind being up to our armpits in castings, but sensible people may prefer the ease of a porthole on more than one side!

steps to dispose of dog waste with worm habitat for dogs from Worms Downunder


  • Fast, efficient processing of animal waste
  • Odour free
  • Australian-made
  • Recognised widely as a waste receptacle
  • Large capacity without being bulky
  • Easily relocatable with sturdy wheels
  • Good height for employing a never-fill system providing the worms with depth and the ability to turn compost to castings before harvesting
  • Easy to move

WA charge

The Department of Agriculture and Food In Western Australia is now charging a $70 fee for all imports into WA which go through Quarantine Inspection. Customers are charged after they have received their worms. We recommend that our WA customers source worms from local suppliers in order to avoid this charge. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.