Worm Habitat Double Grande

The Worm Habitat Double Grande is the largest worm farm of its type to process organic waste. It’s huge capacity allows you to process an enormous amount of waste once the system is fully operational. The Double Grande can handle approximately 40ltrs of scraps each day with only a short amount of input required to keep the system running effectively.

Like all the Habitat Range, the Double Grande operates on a ‘never fill’ principle – food in the top, castings and liquid harvested from below. The worms are not disturbed and castings are fully processed on collection. There are two large liquid collection tanks and two casting collection hatches.

There are large vents at the top of the Grande as well as sub-floor vents allowing for good airflow. and the lid is easily lifted with the assistance of gas struts. The Worm Habitat Double Grande comes with an comprehensive manual which provides all the information required to successfully operate this large system.

Worm habitat double grande
worm habitat double grande
worm habitat double grande
worm habitat double grande
Worm habitat double grande
worm habitat double grande
worm habitat double grande
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Worm Habitat Double Grande $5445 + GST (not including worms or freight)

Worm habitat double grande

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  • 12  month warranty
  • 100% Australian made
  • Ideal for disposing of organic waste and creating nutrient rich garden products
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Suitable for all Climates
  • Sturdy aluminium steel frame
  • Gas Assisted struts for easy lift lid
  • Insulating and corrosion-free multi-layer cladding
  • Colour selection – may be a surcharge for non-standard colours
  • Huge capacity with worms able to process up to 40ltrs per day
  • Never-fill system with easy access for casting retrieval
  • Extensive under-bed & roof ventilation
  • Safe with no toxins or chemicals
  • Rodent proof and no nasty odours
  • Hose fitting tap for liquid decanting
  • Adjustable feet for uneven ground surfaces
  • Comes complete with bedding and comprehensive manual
  • On-going phone and e-mail support from Worms Downunder
worm habitat double grande design

Organic waste handling

  • kitchen waste, plate scrapes
  • shredded paper, napkins
  • spoiled or unusable food
  • animal manures and bedding
  • grass clippings
  • mulched green waste

Waste processing capacity

Approximately 40ltr per day.


Simple to operate – feed at top, harvest castings from hatch at base and liquid from tap.

Typical customers

Griffith University Food was awarded a Griffith Sustainability Award in
2014 for their Worm Habitat Grande’s which process the campuses
food waste. Situated in three locations, the Worm Habitats are causing
quite a stir and reducing waste-to-landfill. The awards recognise
innovative and effective sustainable practices at Griffith University.

Kyabram College purchased their Grande for the schools Agricultural
Centre. They process waste and produce ample juice for their
operations… learning heaps in the process!

Zoos and Animal Handlers
Australia Zoo has set up two Grandes on site – one to specifically deal
with tiger waste and one for the cheetahs! Keeping the Habitats close to
the enclosures makes it easy for the staff to process waste efficiently
without odours.

Mount Alexander Council in Victoria, purchased one Grande for the
Town Hall. It was so successful they purchased an extra five for other

Conference Centres and Camps
Yarra Glen Conference Centre purchased their Grande in line with
their commitment to best sustainable practices.

Pubs and Clubs
Parklands Tavern have recently purchased a Grande to generate
castings from on-site waste in order to make juice to use throughout the
local community on the parks and gardens.

Sunshine Coast Council worm habitat grandeSunshine Coast Council has purchased quite a few of Worm’s Downunder Worm Habitats over the past five years, including the 240ltr, 360ltr and large scale Grandes. The Habitats have been installed at various locations, including the Maroochy Botanic Gardens, Council Offices, and numerous schools.

A year ago the Council extended our Worm Habitat fleet to include a New Worm Habitat Grande. It was installed at the Council Depot in Wises Road in order to collect worm juice and castings. The worm juice is a natural alternative to chemical fertilisers and was much desired for use on public grounds and parks in the Sunshine Coast Region. Worms Downunder has also offered on-going back-up support for all systems purchased.

Sunshine Coast Council
Anita Kenafacke, Catnook Boutique Cattery with Worm Habitat GrandeI just want to let you know about my experience with the Worms Downunder system “The Grande”. I purchased my first Grande four years ago.
I run and own a Boutique Boarding Cattery in Victoria. I needed a system that meet the following requirements:

  • handle the waste from the cattery,
  • be user friendly
  • reduce our environmental footprint. (we did not want to add to landfill at all)
  • affordable.

We did some considerable research and found that the ‘Grande’ from Worms Downunder ticked all of those boxes for us. We have been using the system for four years and have just purchased a second system due to an expansion of our business. We have found that we have wonderful castings that allow us to keep and maintain a fantastic garden. We use the worm juice for our Vegetable garden where I grow an abundance of healthy vegetables and the system is so simple to use the worms do all the work. The system is very easy to set up and the instructions a really clear. I would highly recommend any Worms Downunder systems to anyone who needs to reduce or recycle waste or just cares about having a great garden.

Anita Kenafacke, Catnook Boutique Cattery