360L Worm Habitat

The 360L Worm Habitat is our largest wheelie-style worm farm system capable of handling larger amounts of organic waste including kitchen scraps, garden waste, horse manure, etc.

The 360L Worm Habitat are utilised in commercial applications from restaurants, cafes and caravan parks, Botanical Gardens and Zoos, schools, caravan parks and offices. Passionate home gardeners in particular love the larger handling capacity of our largest wheelie-bin style Habitat as well as the serious amounts of worm juice they can collect. The 360ltr, like all our other Worm Habitats, work on a ‘never-fill’ principle, allowing worms to be left on the surface feeding while the castings are removed from the specially designed hatches at the base of the system.

Worm Habitat 360
Worm Habitat 360
Head Chef Tony Kandalaft and Sous Chef Sharon Galea harvesting the Forum Restaurant and Darlington Centre's herb garden - credit University of Sydney Lo (3)
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This price does not include worms. This price includes the worm habitat, all appropriate bedding to get you started, an instruction manual, additional helpful documentation and ongoing support. If you’d like to purchase a habitat with worms please contact our office so we can discuss what you’re trying to achieve from your habitat and recommend the most appropriate quantity based on your requirements and to suit your budget.

Highly recommended accessories

3kg Dolomite PLUS – $45

3kg Dolomite PLUS

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