Worm Habitat range

Worms Downunder’s ‘Worm Habitats’ are top-quality, Australian-made worm farms which can assist in processing organic waste into nutrient rich worm castings. Design and manufactured on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, there are a range of sizes and colours available to process waste from households, cafes, businesses and more. The systems are easy to use, effective, robust, pest and rodent resistant and odourless when used correctly. Worms Downunder has a wealth of information to help you on your journey in sustainably managing your household, business, garden and even your pet waste!

wormfarms from Worms DownUnder
worm habitat grandes
worm habitat retro fit kit
Worm habitat junior

The 140ltr capacity Junior is the smallest of our Worm Habitat range and is ideal for couples and is the ideal height for prep and junior school kids.

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Worm habitat 240

The original Worm Habitat, WH1, has a good capacity at 240ltr. It is perfect for households, small offices and for the school classroom.

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Worm habitat 360

The Worm Habitat 360 is our largest Habitat on wheels. It is great for the a serious gardener growing their own veggies, cafes and school environments.

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Worm habitat for dogs

Specially detailed with paw print, the Worm Habitat for Dogs deals with all your canine friends waste in a fun and funky way.

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Worm habitat grande

The Worm Habitat Grande is a one of a kind. It’s large scale, but compact design makes it an ideal solution for cafes, schools and serious applications.

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Worm habitat double grande

The largest commercially available worm farm, the Worm Habitat Double Grande is up to mammoth tasks in council, larger restaurants, horse agistments.

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Worm Habitat Design

The Habitats all work on a ‘never-fill’ principle with liquid collection bases and casting collection hatches common features. They are all strong, safe, sturdy and easy to use. The depth allows a good thermal mass, giving the worms ability to find cool spots in harsh summers, and warm spots when cool. We have had great success with our systems Australia-wide.

Worm Habitat Colour Range

The Worm Habitats come in a range of colours. Green is standard to all sizes, but the 140lt, 240ltr and our large Worm Habitat Grande and Double Grande have a variety of other colours available (see pages for details). We may even be able to make your Worm Habitat Grande and Double Grande in colours to match your corporate colours – please contact us for further details.

Worm Habitat colour range

Worm Habitat Capacity Table

Worm Habitat Approximate Processing Capacity This size Worm Habitat is appropriate for…
140ltr Worm Habitat Junior 2.5 (kg/day) Great for small families ( 2-3 people), early learning centres, primary schools, or offices with only a few people
240ltr Worm Habitat WH1 4 (kg/day) Excellent option for larger families, small families with a veggie garden, schools, offices, etc.
360ltr Worm Habitat 6 (kg/day) Serious home worm farmers with large gardens, schools, offices, hairdressers, etc.
Worm Habitat Grande 20 (kg/day) This is the Flagship! Councils, large offices, schools with kitchen gardens, zoos, landscapers, mine sites, etc.
Worm Habitat Double Grande 40 (kg/day) Double the size of the standard grande, this mammoth worm farm is ideal for all agricultural applications, community gardens, large schools.
Worm Habitat for Dogs 140ltr 2 – 3 dogs waste The 140ltr size with easily deal with the waste from 2 – 3 small to medium sized dogs/cats on a reasonable diet.
Worm Habitat for Dogs 240ltr 3 – 6 dogs waste For larger dogs or more than 3 dogs up-size to a 240ltr Habitat to deal with all waste efficiently.

Worm Habitat Design and Development

The development of the Worm Habitat range resulted from a lack systems which could process a household’s waste effectively and efficiently. The uniqueness of the Habitats has led to the design registration and patenting of the key features.

Our Worm Habitats (140 and 240ltrs) are designed for families, offices and schools, for example, and can process in excess of 20kgs per week or 1 ton per year! These are low cost efficient systems allowing on-site processing of smaller waste streams. The Worm Habitat Grande is designed for larger waste streams such as created by horses, at resorts, markets, shopping centres etc. The system is modular and can be daisy chained for efficient watering and liquid collection. Each module can process from 50 to 100kgs per week as well as create 100litres of quality worm juice per week.