Worm Tips: Freeze your Scraps

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Frozen Food

Freezing food scraps is one of our favourite tips! Here’s why:

  • It’s great for if you’re in a hurry – no need to dash outside to your worm farm, simply chuck in the freezer and consolidate your scraps until you head outside to check on your worm friends. It will also stop the scraps from becoming smelly (as they start to decompose) which can sometimes occur when using a compost caddy.
  • It can be great for managing the timing of your inputs and can assist in following the golden rule ‘don’t put in more waste until at least half of the previous foodstock has been consumed by your worms’.
  • It causes the plant cell walls to rupture and they thaw out soft and soggy – just the way worms like it
  • Because it breaks down the cell structure it makes it easier and faster for your worms to process.
  • It gives your habitat a cool moisture boost (perfect for summer).
  • It can assist in controlling fruit flies as freezing prevents the introduction of eggs to your habitat.

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