Worm Farm Tips: Moisture Levels – The Squeeze Test

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Leaf Moisture

As discussed in our Worms breathe through their skin blog – keeping your worms moist is key to ensuring they can effectively dissolve oxygen into their bloodstream through their skin. Your worm farm environment should maintain a moisture content range of around 60-85%. How do you know if your worm farm is the correct moisture level? This ‘squeeze test’ method is a simple way to make sure the moisture is just right for your worm friends.

Get some of the bedding in your hand (preferably with no worms!) and squeeze, if only a few drops of water come from the bedding your moisture level is spot on.

If your bedding is not moist enough, you can get your habitat a light misting. A mist or spray is the preferred method of adding moisture, if you pour water into the habitat you are not able to control the dispersion and how much of it soaks into a given area. A worm blanket can also assist in sustaining adequate moisture.

If your bedding is too wet add some carbon input such as shredded paper, mulch or aged manure. This will assist in soaking up the excess moisture. You can also reduce your feeding for a period, particularly of food scraps as these are often high in moisture content.

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