Worms Downunder was established to provide an environmentally sound option for dealing with organic waste. Currently 60% of waste arriving at landfill is organic waste which can easily be diverted and processed into high quality liquid and solid products. Organic waste such as food scraps, manures, paper, garden waste, etc. in landfill is cause for concern. When rotting landfill waste breaks down anaerobically in landfill it releases methane which when released into the atmosphere holds 21% more heat than carbon dioxide. Reducing methane emissions by reducing organic waste in landfill has an immediate positive environmental effect. In addition, transportation of waste by trucks has a significant impact due to carbon dioxide emissions, which can be reduced by on-site processing.

Worms Downunder is passionate about ensuring a clean, safe and sustainable future.

Waste education

Waste education is extremely important to us and we have contributed to numerous education programs. We have given talks and workshops at a diverse range of locations including World Environment Day (Sunshine Coast University), PowerLink (Brisbane), Compost Week (Brisbane), Origin (Brisbane), Oaks Flats Bowls Club (NSW), Creek Sustainability Expo (Caboolture), Sustainability at the J (Noosa), Cooroy Sustainability Expo (Cooroy) to name a few. We have also contributed to the Sunshine Coast Regional Council’s (SCRC) Waste Management Taskforce.  We have been involved with Totally Wild and Scope educating children in better waste management processes and the benefits of worms. Educating children and working with schools is of particular importance.

Success stories

In 2009 a pilot project was initiated at the Hyatt Regency Coolum, the largest employer on the Sunshine Coast. The educational potential disseminating from this system is significant. The first audit undertaken has shown the three module system installed is already processing 300kgs per week of kitchen scraps and paper waste. The Hyatt no longer requires the off-site services of a document shredder and also uses the resultant products on their grounds. The 2009 PGA Golf Tournament at the Hyatt featured Worm Habitats for disposal of tickets!

Worms Downunder has also installed a Worm Habitat Grande System at the Eumundi State School in order to process Eumundi Market waste. This initiative is allowing children to have a hands-on role in collecting waste, dealing with stall holders, learn about waste, recycling, life cycles, and mini-beasts. They will also market and sell the products produced through the vermiculture process.

Sustainable Waste Management

Worms Downunder developed out of a passion to sustainably manage waste. Using worms to process organic waste closes the loop allowing processed waste to become a treasured commodity which addresses numerous environmental issues including:

Carbon Sequestration: Worms allow carbon to be sequestered in the soil;

Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Vermiculture minimises greenhouse gas emissions, acid leachate, and ground water contamination;

Reduction of Fertilisers: Use of castings and liquid allows fertiliser and pesticide use to be reduced or stopped and promotes sustainable agriculture practices;

Water Storage: Castings store water at a rate of 10:1 reducing run-off of vital nutrients and promoting;
Reduction of waste to landfill: Up to 60% of waste arriving at landfill is organic waste which can be processed by worms sustainable water-use practices

10 tons per day and counting!

In the last 4 years Worms Downunder has supplied:

more than 10 million worms across Australia; and,
thousands of Worm Habitat systems.

We approximate that at least 10 tons per day of waste has been taken out of the waste stream using our systems. Help us increase the amount of waste being diverted from landfill and do your garden a favour!


Worms Downunder has sold systems to schools, councils, city-based offices, the mining industry, farmers, zoos, youth hostels, gyms, restaurants, bowling clubs, caravan parks, horticulturalists, universities, gyms, and many more organisations and individuals. We have also supplied worms for the local award-winning Biolytix system, and as far away as Egypt where they are starting a much needed breeding program.

Soil benefits

Australian soils have been depleted of beneficial organic matter. Using castings on the soil can help lock-in carbon and aid establishing a fertile ecologically balanced earth. Castings also store water at a rate of 10:1, which means less watering and loss of valuable nutrients during heavy downpours.

Sustainability awards

Worms Downunder are proud of their recent awards for sustainability. We recently won the 2009 Caloundra Chamber of Commerce Award for Eco-business of the Year and also the 2009 Sunshine Coast Environment Council’s Award for Sustainable Waste Management see more

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