Commercial IBC - Worm Brew

Our worm cast extract is full of beneficial bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes – an effective biological food chain which feeds the soil to create a healthy soil food web. Our unique and highly developed product is extracted from worm cast & brewed, it is not merely ‘run off’/ leachate. It is 100% natural, organic and contains no chemicals.

Worm cast extract will bring the life back to your soil, ensuring the transference of minerals and absorption of nutrients that otherwise wouldn’t make it to your crop. By developing this symbiotic relationship, your land will begin to sustain itself (thank you worms), so you can enjoy a more abundant yield from your harvest while letting nature do the heavy lifting.

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Features and benefits

  • Improved soil structure and aeration
  • Increased yields
  • Improved plant health and increased growth
  • Disease suppression and resistance
  • Improved water holding capacity
  • Increased nutrients in vegetables (better for the plants, better for you!)
  • Enhances the access of roots to a large soil surface area by forming a hyphal network


  • Length – 110cm
  • Width – 120cm
  • Height – 130cm
  • Weight – 1100kg



We’d love to chat to you further about our worm cast extract and the right solution for you. Send us an email to chat with one of our vermicomposting experts and we’ll get the ball rolling on your brew!

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Guidelines for use – a helpful guide to getting the most out of your worm cast extract including prep, storage and application

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