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Worm Brew® - Worm Cast Extract (aka 'Worm Juice')

Worm Brew® - Worm Cast Extract (aka 'Worm Juice')

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Christmas Sale on 5L Worm Brew

Worm Brew® is an exceptional foliar feed and soil conditioner ~ it is the ultimate partner for any grower. Our unique and highly developed product is extracted from worm cast & brewed using our proprietary method, it is not merely ‘run off’/ leachate.

It benefits soil and plants by activating microbial activity and helping to release soil nutrients for your plants to absorb. It is 100% natural, organic and contains no chemicals. It is safe for all plants and will help create a healthy, flourishing patch.

The concentrate is diluted with rainwater, for domestic use the suggested dilution rate is between 5-20% (we provide detailed guidelines for use upon purchase).

5L of concentrate will cover approximately 30sqm.

We ship Australia Wide, purchase through our website or complete the quote/order request form here


This product ships throughout Australia (excluding Tasmania) to all metro areas. Please enter your postcode into the shopping cart to see the flat rate for your area.

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