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🎄Urban Farmer Christmas Bundle🎄

🎄Urban Farmer Christmas Bundle🎄

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The Urban Farmer Christmas Bundle – An Exceptional Gift of Green Living

1 x 140L Worm Farm + 20L Worm Brew (Worm Cast Extract)

Make the festive season more meaningful with the gift of sustainability. Our Urban Farmer Christmas Bundle from Worms Downunder is not just a present, it's an introduction to a greener lifestyle – perfect for in-laws or loved ones ready to embark on their gardening journey.

Discover the 140L Worm Farm on Wheels: Designed for convenience and efficiency, this worm farm transforms everyday kitchen scraps into microbe-rich vermicompost, enriching any garden it touches. It's a thoughtful gift for family members who have been contemplating a foray into gardening, providing them with an all-in-one solution for waste reduction and soil enhancement.

Features of Your Gift-Worthy 140L Worm Farm:

🌱 Effortless Vermicomposting: Our continuous flow through system is low-maintenance and high-efficiency, ideal for beginners and seasoned gardeners alike.

🌱 Moisture-Retaining Misting Head: Automatically keeps the compost at the perfect moisture level.

🌱 Smart Design: Rodent-proof and equipped with air vents to deter pests while promoting healthy decomposition.

🌱 Easy Collection: The accessible porthole makes harvesting compost straightforward and mess-free.

Included 20L Worm Brew® Concentrate:

🌱 The Secret to Thriving Plants: This concentrate is an all-natural, organic soil conditioner that awakens the earth's nutrients, perfect for the in-laws' cherished garden or the budding urban farmer's balcony retreat.

🌱 Safe, Organic Growth: With no chemicals, it's safe for all types of plants, from herbs to houseplants.

🌱 Generous Quantity: Enough to enrich a large garden area, ensuring your gift keeps on giving throughout the growing season.

Save and Delight with this Bundle: Gift this bundle and save $85 off the standard price. It's a present that extends beyond the holiday season, offering a window into the rewarding world of organic gardening.

Whether it's for the in-laws who appreciate the finer things in life, or a friend who's shown interest in turning their food scraps into garden treasures, the Urban Farmer Christmas Bundle is an inspired choice that says you care about their interests and the environment.

Give the gift of growth this Christmas and watch as your loved ones' gardens – and smiles – flourish with Worms Downunder.

Embark on a greener, more fruitful gardening adventure today.

Worms sold separately!


We ship our 140L Worm Farm across Australia. Please reach out for a custom shipping rate if you are in WA, NT or TAS.

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