Worm Farm for Dogs

A paw-fect solution to your pet’s waste, our Worm Farm for Dogs are designed to process dog waste in a clean, safe and odourless manner.  Man’s best friend creates on average 2.5kgs of poop a week (but as their owners will know, our big dog friends can create much more!). Disposing of dog waste in your rubbish bin means it ends up in landfill (normally in a plastic bag too), but worms will happily process dog waste and turn it into nutrient and microbe-rich vermicompost.

We recommend composting dog waste in a separate environment to your other organic waste as worms will preferentially choose veggie scraps over dog poo (wouldn’t you?!) but without the choice, they’re not so picky and will thrive on what’s available. This Worm Farm is not limited to dogs, but can service the waste of any of your four-legged friends, including cats, cows, horses, goats, guinea pigs etc.

These quality, sturdy worm farms are 100% Australian made. The continuous flow design is easy to use and provides a spacious, comfortable environment for your worms. No shuffling of trays, simply fill from the top and empty from the bottom. The easy porthole access makes harvesting cast a breeze and the perforated suspended false floor ensures any excess liquid can drain freely through the worm farm and doesn’t drown your hard-working wormies.

The price of the worm farm includes all appropriate bedding to get you started, comprehensive manuals and ongoing support from our customer care team. Worms can be ordered as an add-on if desired – pick-up only (in Brisbane).

Prices ranging from



The details


This size worm farm will process up to 2kg/4L of organic waste a day. To maintain a balanced environment, your domestic animal waste input needs to be matched with approximately the same amount of carbon “browns” (leaves, cardboard, paper etc). With a balanced input in mind, this size could process up to 1kg/2L of animal waste a day, and at full capacity, it can house 4kg (16,000) worms.


How many worms?

Our recommended starting quantity is 1kg (4,000) worms. At full capacity the worm farm can house up to 4kg (16,000) worms. We find this starting point works well as it gives you time to learn the ropes of worm farming and allows the worms to breed up in their new environment while giving them a bit of extra space while they settle in.

Worms will reproduce and self-regulate numbers to suit the size of their environment. Given the right conditions numbers should double once every 3 months*. Therefore, if you start with our recommended quantity of worms you should reach full processing capacity of the worm farm within around 6 months.

Pick-up only (in Brisbane). Due to long shipping delays and heat, we are no longer shipping worms.

*Note: Worm reproduction rates can vary; these estimates are based on optimum conditions being met in the worm farm.

Add ons

Worm farm starter pack$32 $26 (save $6)

Everything you need to get your vermicomposting journey off to the best possible start. Our starter pack contains all our recommended add ons at a reduced price.

Two extra portholes – $45

The addition of an extra porthole on either side can help you access the cast with greater ease, wringing as much goodness from your habitat as possible.

Dolomite – $11

Dolomite is a powder lime product that helps balance acidity levels in your worm farm.

Waterproof feeding guide – $16

This sticker helps guide what types of inputs you should and shouldn’t place in your worm farm, as well as tips on how to get the most effective results from your worms.

Repurposed worm blanket – $5

The upcycled hessian bags are rescued from landfill and perfect for use as a worm blanket – breathable and made of natural fibres. 100% sale price donated to charity.


  • 100% Australian made
  • Rodent proof tie down latch
  • Continuous feed ‘never fill’ design – no layers makes it easy to use!
  • Large thermal mass providing a more forgiving environment
  • Sufficient ventilation – as worms require an oxygen rich environment, multiple vents have been installed for sufficient air movement, while keeping pests out
  • Easy porthole access at front for harvesting cast
  • Perforated suspended false floor – allows the liquid to pass through and separate from the castings/bedding
  • Tap to drain leachate
  • Quality wheelie bin design – sturdy and easy to move
  • Range of colours available


  • Length – 62cm
  • Width – 54cm
  • Height – 92cm
  • Empty Weight – 13kg


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