140L Worm Habitat

This is the waste-reducing hero your wheelie bin line-up has been missing all along! This size worm farm will process up to 2kg/4L of organic waste a day, and at full capacity it can house 4kg (16,000) worms. That may sound like a lot of wrigglers, but this size worm farm is perfect for couples or families who produce average amounts of organic waste.

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Prices ranging from



The details

Worm quantities

How many worms do I need?

For our 140L worm habitat, our recommended starting quantity is 2kg (8,000) worms. This extra room to move allows the worms to settle into their new environment and reproduce up to full capacity within the first 3-6 months.*

If you’re looking to accelerate your vermicomposting journey, it’s possible to go for gold and start with 3kg (12,000) worms. Straight away, your habitat will be processing significant amounts of waste, on track to reaching full processing capacity within the first couple of months.*

If you’re patient and are happy to wait for your worms to reproduce up over time, you can start your journey with any quantity of worms! Our budget friendly suggested starting point is 1kg (4,000), this will take approximately 6-9 months to achieve full processing capacity but will give your worms plenty of room to relax into their new home.*

*Note: Worm reproduction rates can vary; these estimates are based on optimum conditions being met in the worm farm.

Add ons

Worm farm starter pack$32 $26 (save $6)

Everything you need to get your vermicomposting journey off to the best possible start. Our starter pack contains all our recommended add ons at a reduced price.

Two extra portholes – $45

The addition of an extra porthole on either side can help you access the cast with greater ease, wringing as much goodness from your habitat as possible.

Dolomite – $11

Dolomite is a powder lime product that helps balance acidity levels in your worm farm.

Waterproof feeding guide – $16

This sticker helps guide what types of inputs you should and shouldn’t place in your worm farm, as well as tips on how to get the most effective results from your worms.

Repurposed worm blanket – $5

The upcycled hessian bags are rescued from landfill and perfect for use as a worm blanket – breathable and made of natural fibres. 100% sale price donated to charity.


  • 100% Australian made
  • Rodent proof tie down latch
  • Continuous feed ‘never fill’ design – no layers makes it easy to use!
  • Large thermal mass providing a more forgiving environment
  • Sufficient ventilation – as worms require an oxygen rich environment, multiple vents have been installed for sufficient air movement, while keeping pests out
  • Easy porthole access at front for harvesting cast
  • Perforated suspended false floor – allows the liquid to pass through and separate from the castings/bedding
  • Tap to drain leachate
  • Quality wheelie bin design – sturdy and easy to move
  • Range of colours available


Length – 62cm
Width – 54cm
Height – 92cm
Empty Weight – 13kg

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