Worm Cast Extract (Worm Juice)

Over the last decade, Worms Downunder has been developing and refining our unique worm cast extract, a biological liquid concentrate designed to proliferate beneficial microbes in your soil. 

The benefits of worm cast

It all starts with high quality aged castings created on-site thanks to our hard-working worms. In order to produce worm castings with the right microbial life, we carefully select the right foods and inputs to feed our worms. We find a variety of foods increases the diversity of biological and fungal species in the cast (who would want to eat the same meals everyday anyway?) 

The castings are full of beneficial bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes – an effective biological food chain which allows nutrients to be directly channelled to the plants and assist in providing pest and disease resistance. 

Unlike chemical fertilisers, worm cast extract works with nature to build a healthy ecosystem. Worm cast extract is 100% organic, safe and natural, and feeds the soil with beneficial microbes required for a healthy soil food web.

Proprietary Extraction Method

Worms Downunder has developed a unique proprietary means of extracting the biology from the cast and suspending it safely in a dormant state in the liquid. Upon application the biology is effectively activated using a blend of specific food groups, after which it will provide beneficial fungal inoculants which further assist with nutrient uptake, drought resistance and disease protection. The unique and highly developed product from Worms Downunder is the ultimate biological partner for any grower.

What is worm juice is useful for?

Worms Downunder’s Worm Cast Liquid Concentrate is successfully used by the following growers and organisations:

  • Vineyards/viticulturists
  • Strawberry growers
  • Lime growers
  • Councils
  • Arborists
  • Schools
  • Hydroponic growers
  • Flower and orchid cultivators
  • Sports fields/turf growers
  • Resorts
  • Animal grazers
  • Organic growers
  • Home gardeners
  • Regenerative farmers
  • Community gardens
  • Golf courses

Guidelines for use

For more information on our product including suggested maintenance and use please refer to our Guidelines of Use document.