Worm Farms for your home

At Worms Downunder, we believe no backyard is complete without one of our Worm Farm vermicomposting systems – a housing unit for your hard-working worms to process your organic waste into nutrient-rich worm castings.

Our worm farms are Australian-made and of the highest quality, designed to sit unassumingly in your garden, all the while playing a key role in improving its diversity and resilience.

Our worm farms are easy to use, effective, robust, pest and rodent resistant, odourless (truly) and available in a range of sizes and colours to suit your requirements and personal preference. All of our Worm Habitats work on a ‘never-fill’ principle, where the worms are fed from one end, and the cast is harvested from the other. There’s no need to shuffle trays – just simply fill from the top and empty from the bottom!

To get you started, our worm farms come with appropriate bedding, an instruction manual, additional helpful documentation and ongoing support from our customer care team. Worms can be ordered as an add-on to our worm farm range.

Not sure what size worm farm is right for you? We suggest trying to determine how much waste you’d like your worm farm to process and work backwards from there. Measure approximately how much food scraps you’re going through a day/week then you’ll need to add approximately the same amount of carbon input (browns) to keep a happy worm farm environment i.e. if you go through 1kg of food scraps a day, your total worm farm input would be approximately 2kg/day once you include your equal input of carbon.

The other important factor to consider is of course your worm workers and how many worms your worm farm will house at capacity. How much waste you can process in your worm farm is directly related to how many hard-working wrigglers you have in there. Worms process anywhere between 25-100% of their body weight of organic matter a day (50% on average), so this will help you determine how many worms you’ll need to churn through your waste input. i.e. 4kg (16,000) worms will process on average 2kg of waste a day.