Large-scale Worm Farms

Developed to assist with processing sizeable amounts of organic waste for large-volume vermicast production, our Grande Platinum range is the largest and most effective worm farm design in Australia. Our large-scale worm farms enable you to foster a ‘closed loop’ food system on your property, converting food and other organic waste that was once a harmful, unusable and costly output, into a valuable input of microbe rich castings.

Business benefits

With the help of one of our Grande systems your business can take control of your contribution towards sustainability and enjoy the benefits of engaging a circular economy approach to waste management.

Efficient waste processing

Processing waste with a Worm Habitat Grande requires only a small amount of time to maintain a healthy system, allowing you to focus on your school, business, or community project. So, sit back and let nature do most of the heavy lifting for you!

Not called Grande for nothing, our largest size has the capacity to process up to 40L/20kg of organic waste a day!

Revolutionary design

The Grande functions with the same continuous flow design as all our models, with the addition of a large liquid collection tank which allows for easy drainage of leachate and provides excellent sub-floor ventilation. The design of our patent protected scraper system makes harvesting cast easily accessible through the large front hatch, saving you the time and energy of digging and reshuffling.

The cast collection area allows the castings to be removed from the worm farm and continue the aging process (if desired), while allowing room for further castings to be produced and collected. 

Brandable, customisable

Our Grande range is manufactured from sustainable, long lasting and lightweight aluminium frame and panels. We have an extensive range of colours available – match your worm farm to your company style guidelines, or simply your personal preference.