Meet the team

We're a passionate bunch of earth lovers dedicated to providing you with expert vermicomposting and soil regeneration solutions

Worms Downunder Team Member

Jen Symmons


Jen is a third-generation farmer, wholehearted animal lover, and worm whisperer. Jen nurtures the members of her team like plants in her own garden, having hand selected them for their passion to grow a stronger, more sustainable future. 

Worms Downunder Team Member

Kate Phelan

Operations Manager

If there’s a worm, there’s a way, and you can trust Kate to find it! With her background in operations management and her passion for sustainability, she’s the go-to girl for just about everything and keeps the cogs turning in our own little habitat. 

Worms Downunder Team Member

Melissa Bell

Business Administrator and Customer Services

Melissa’s love of horticulture lends itself to detailed care in everything she does. Whether it’s a waste solution for your household or a big agricultural project, Melissa can guide you towards your ideal system for success. 

Worms Downunder Team Member

Francesca Symmons

Industrial Design Student and Content Creator

Francesca is our in-house worm farm designer. She’s not only hands-on with our habitat experiments and developments, but our online community too, creating social media content and sharing crop-changing advice with our followers.  

Worms Downunder Team Member

Tom Symmons

Manufacturing and Production Supervisor

Tom loves farming, hiking, and camping – if it’s outdoors, he’s there! As our soil-utions manager, Tom has road (or garden) tested all our worm farm designs and leads the facilitation of our experimental composting systems and the production of our worm cast extract. 

Worms Downunder Team Member

Priscilla MacMillan

Urban Worm Farmer

Priscilla is a wealth of wisdom and has made a name for herself as the worm whisperer. She provides onsite support and servicing for our commercial customers, sharing her knowledge and passion for all things worms. She’s particularly a hit with the young ones – one of her main duties is regular visits with our early learning centre clients where she helps reacquaint our next generation with the joys of connecting with nature.