JW Marriott Gold Coast Resort & Spa

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JW Marriott Large Scale Worm Farm Hotel Garden Executive Chef
JW Marriott have implemented an impressive onsite circular economy food system, part of which is one of our Double Grande worm farms. Waste from the hotel is processed by their 80,000 worms, converted into microbe and nutrient rich vermicast which is used on the gardens to assist in growing fresh, nutritious produce used in their restaurants in a farm-to-table culinary experience for guests.

Client objectives

JW Marriott’s objective was to create a sustainable space in the JW Garden using natural materials which include compost in the soil to make the garden grow and thrive. Also a great addition to Family by JW activations and activities at the hotel for kids to gain knowledge on the food cycle and how worm farms work.

Solution summary

JW Marriott implemented a Double Grande worm farm with a total of 20kg (80,000) worms. The worms were staged over two inputs of 10kg (40,000) each, ensuring a more successful settling in period. The JW Marriott ‘Green Team’ are a passionate group excited to bring to life the sustainable and environmental initiatives by the hotel.

Client feedback

"We love it! The worm farm system was a great addition to the JW Garden which is working above expectations. Kitchen vegetable and fruit trimmings have reduced in our regular green bins which is reducing landfill. The gardens herbs and vegetables are really taking off thanks to the outputs from the worm farm. The worm farm assists with the resorts paddock to plate concept, our Family by JW initiatives and is a wonderful initiative when discussing sustainability with media famils."
Paul Smart
- Executive Chef
JW Marriott Large Scale Worm Farm
JW Marriott Garden - Herbs
JW Marriott Worm Farm - Green Team

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