Compost worms

Worms can be ordered as an add-on to our habitat range. Our worms are harvested fresh on the day and are delivered nationwide. Our safe bedding – a mix of eco-friendly coco-peat and vermicompost – allows the worms to live comfortably while in transit.

If you’d like to purchase a habitat with worms please contact our office so we can discuss what you’re trying to achieve from your habitat and recommend the most appropriate quantity based on your requirements and to suit your budget.

To enquire further about our worms or to make a purchase please contact our office on 07 3195 6969 or email

Compost worms at work

Rehousing your compost worms
If you are not going to re-house your worms immediately, you can leave them in the bag in a cool place for a day or two. We recommend you establish them in their Worm Habitat as soon as possible.

The worms may take a little time to get use to their new environment and you may find them exploring the walls and lid. This is completely normal and they should settle in and get use to their new food supply within a few weeks.

Remember the golden rule and DON’T OVERFEED when you are first starting out. A good rule of thumb is if there is about 10 to 20% of the last feed left over each time you feed, the worms will know there is enough food to keep breeding, but there will not be enough to become anaerobic.

Worm habitats

Worm habitat junior

The 140L Worm Habitat is the smallest of our Worm Habitat range and is ideal for couples and is the ideal height for prep and junior school kids.

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Worm habitat 240

The original Worm Habitat, WH1, has a good capacity at 240ltr. It is perfect for households, small offices and for the school classroom.

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Worm habitat 360

The 360L Worm Habitat is our largest Habitat on wheels. It is great for the a serious gardener growing their own veggies, cafes and school environments.

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Accessories purchased individually (includes freight costs)

Purchase any of the following accessories individually. Freight is included in the price.

Food covers – $28 – out of stock

food cover from Worms Downunder

Large natural cocopeat block – $12 pick-up, $29 delivered

cocopeat block from Worms downunder

Cocopeat is the ideal bedding to start a worm farm with. It is a natural by-product with no additives and can be safely used in a worm farm, on your garden or as a potting mix base.

Replacement tap – $22

replacement tap from Worms Downunder

High quality Tap with Locking Back Nut. Suits Can Of Worms, Worm Café, Worm Factory and Worm Habitat range. Tap features a hose socket end for flushing out.

Waterproof menu sticker – $23

menu sticker from Worms Downunder

Worms Downunder Menu Sticker can be fixed to your food collection bucket or the lid of your worm farm so you never forget what your worms eat! Handy for explanations to kids, friends and house-sitters.