Looking for a sustainable way to manage your business waste? Our Grande range of worm habitats is perfect for commercial waste management.

  • Grande worm habitats provide a ‘closed loop’ food system, turning what would have been harmful (and costly) landfill into something valuable i.e. worm castings (‘black gold’)
  • Worms process anything organic so they are great for reducing other waste streams not just food scraps (paper, cardboard, hair, garden waste, animal manures etc)
  • Design is the largest in Australia managing significant volumes of waste (between 20L – 40L a day)
  • Is easy to use and maintain
  • Available in a wide range of colours – match your worm habitat to your company branding!

Call our office today to discuss the right worm habitat for your business.

Worm Habitat Grande Platinum

Worm Habitat Double Grande