About Worms DownUnder

Established in 2005, Worms Downunder is a family owned vermiculture and worm habitat manufacturing company located on a small urban acreage.

Our purpose is to create a community of likeminded people with the aim of working with nature rather than against it. We’re committed to contributing to a sustainable future using nature’s ultimate ‘technology’ (the wonderful worm!) to reduce organic waste in landfill and return organic matter and carbon back into our soils.

We’re passionate about educating and influencing as many people as possible on the magic of the earthworms’ gut and the powerful benefits of vermiculture.

Our Aim

The talented Worms Downunder team and their network of key experts, are passionate about their five main goals and dedicated to succeed in:

  • Partnering with councils, businesses and organisations to implement sustainable vermiculture solutions to manage organic waste streams (worm farm habitats, commercial vermiculture systems, guidance and ongoing support).
  • Growing and distributing crucial beneficial microbes to farmers and growers as they strive to regenerate their soils – with the view to producing quality yields in a sustainable way and in doing so, securing the future food security for our country and the livelihoods of farmers for generations to come.
  • Promoting the simple science of vermicomposting our everyday organic waste – to everyday people, especially children – by demonstrating how easy it is to return our food, paper, cardboard, clothing (natural fibres), coffee grounds, dog manure, green waste (etc.) to our local garden soils utilising the humble earthworm – whether it be on their farm, their business, in their backyard or on their apartment balcony.
  • Mentoring communities to process organic waste locally via vermicomposting hubs – to bring locals together in a common cause – with the fruits of their actions (‘black gold’ worm cast) being then available to community gardens, keen gardeners, sporting club ovals, nearby food growers etc – with the side effect of building stronger communities.
  • Inspiring city-dwellers to rediscover the satisfaction of growing their own nutritious food – (even if it’s just a few herbs) – by learning old school skills such as vermicomposting ‘kitchen scraps’ to enrich their edible gardens.

Our Products & Services

  • Design & manufacture worm farm habitats & vermiculture solutions (domestic, rural & commercial)
  • Vermicomposting & brewing of Worm Cast Liquid Extract (aka ‘Worm Juice’)
  • Worm sales (small to bulk quantities)
  • Education & training programs
  • Worm habitat maintenance & servicing
  • Vermiculture consulting & advice