About us

At Worms Downunder we are passionate about:

Using worm-assisted composting to reduce organic waste entering landfill
Thereby sequestering carbon and reducing release of damaging methane and CO2 into our atmosphere
Regenerative agriculture & the growing of nutrient dense food
By farmers, families, communities and friends alike
Leading a vermicomposting revolution
By reacquainting today's generations with 'old school' worm farming & food growing skills to build resilience and bring joy

Our values

Worm Cast Hands Worms Downunder


We believe in getting our hands dirty and staying grounded with practical, sustainable approaches to vermicomposting solutions. As you can probably tell from our sock tans, we’d rather be out in the sun than stuck behind a screen. 

140l Blue Worm Farm


Despite what many may think, vermicomposting requires very little elbow grease (there are many worm myths we’re here to bust!). We believe that once the right system is introduced, anyone can harness the benefits of worm-assisted composting. We want as many growers as possible to become more self-sufficient and create positive, long-lasting effects we can all be proud of.

Grande Single


Our never-ending desire to learn, improve, and discover new ways of doing things sets us apart. Nature evolves and we’re prepared to evolve with her, always trailing and testing more effective methods to take from our grounds to yours. 

Team Pic


We understand the value of working for a cause bigger than ourselves, which is why we welcome open conversation, collaboration and take a transparent approach to sharing our resources. We’re here to help facilitate a revolution, and we look forward to bringing you with us.

Our people

We’re a passionate bunch of nature lovers. Our team is a collective of family, friends and farmers who share a love for minimising waste, regenerative growing and the vermicomposting movement.

We want to set you up for success to influence change and are invested in providing you with systems that will support your whole composting journey. 

We’re passionate about what we do and why we do it, and that shows in everything we do. You can count on us to go the extra mile to make sure your worm farming experience is positive and long-lasting.